Karl Rove, the former political adviser to President George W. Bush, had some unkind words for Anthony Weiner, the New York congressman who is under pressure to resign after sending inappropriate sexual messages to various women over social media networks.

Rove, on a trip to New Hampshire, is bewildered that Weiner still has a congressional seat.

“I don’t understand why Leader [Nancy] Pelosi hasn’t said, ‘Go,’” Rove told the Boston Globe.

“This is so sordid. The man has a sickness, and the best way to deal with it politically for the Democrats is to ask him to go, and the best way for him, in my opinion, to deal with it personally is to go get some help, not to stay where he is. But he’s unrepentant.”

In stark contrast, Rove sympathized with fellow Republican Newt Gingrich whose 2012 presidential campaign might have been torpedoed by a wave of resignations by sixteen aides.

“This is the third damaging blow to the [Gingrich] campaign,” Rove told the Globe, citing that Gingrich faced the wrath of some within his own party when he attacked Congressman Paul Ryan’s budget plan; and also faced a rebuke when it was revealed that Gingrich and his wife had a $500,000 revolving account at Tiffany’s.

He praised Gingrich for participating in debates in New Hampshire, despite all the negativity surrounding his candidacy, adding that it was a “smart” way for Gingrich to rehabilitate himself and reinvigorate his campaign.

Rove pointed out that John McCain suffered a similar series of staff defections in the summer of 2007, but rebounded to win the GOP Presidential nomination the following year.

“But now Gingrich gets to display whether he’s got the oomph to pick himself up off the mat, create a new crew, and go diving back in,” said Rove.