Before today, political consultants regarded Congressman Anthony Weiner as a formidable candidate in what was expected to be a crowded field for the 2013 Mayoral election. However after his revelation this afternoon, he sent a photo of his groin to a young college student on Twitter and that he has had inappropriate conversations with as many as six women on Facebook and Twitter over the past three years, a political consultant said he has an uphill battle ahead if he plans on running for re-election in 2012.

Political consultant George Arzt, who served as press secretary for former mayor Ed Koch and advised the campaigns of Peter Vallone and Fernando Ferrer, said a Republican can easily slip in and beat Weiner.

The question now isn't a challenger for 2013, Arzt said.

During the midterm elections, Arzt said a little known Republican Bob Turner secured 40% of the vote in Weiner's district. 

Democrats have signaled they are not alarmed about Weiner's 9th congressional district which covers Brooklyn and Queens.

The main issue for Democrats, Arzt says is proving that house Democratic leaders knew nothing about Weiner's contact with young women, an topic of discussion among Republicans.

It's time for Democratic leadership to explain why Congressman Weiner's actions never aroused any suspicion, and why they rushed to his defense while so many Americans were shocked and confused by his bizarre and disturbing behavior,National Republican Congressional Commitee spokesman Paul Lindsay, told reporters in a statement.

The NRCC is known for trying to capitalize on the troubles of New York Democrats. During the midterms, they actively tried to make Rep. Charlie Rangel's (D-N.Y.) House ethics trial a national spectacle for Democrats.