There are a lot of weird world records recorded by Guinness World Records, and some of the most terrifying involve cars. Three of the best, most terrifying automotive stunts have been recorded on video.

Guinness World Records recently uploaded a video of the world record being set for the largest loop the loop in a car. Setting the world record was a celebratory event, as can be seen in the hair-raising video below.

The loop that was looped was 42 feet, 2.69 inches in diameter, and the car that looped it was a 130 horsepower L5, otherwise known as a Proton Gen 2. The record was set by Li Yatao of the illustrious Car Team of Zhejiang Youngman Lotus Automobile Co. Ltd. in Shanghai, China, on Sept. 23, 2011.

Everyone loves sitting on sofas, and usually this is one of the safest activities you can engage in. Unless the sofa is moving at 101.36 mph, the world record for world's fastest sofa.

The record for world's fastest sofa was set by Australian Glenn Suter when he piloted his high-powered sofa at a Monkeys for Ice Break event at Camden Airport, New South Wales, on Sept. 26, 2011.

You could open a donut shop with the number of donuts being made at the Queensland Raceway in Australia.

The world record for most cars performing donuts simultaneously was set with 57 cars in Willowbank, Australia, on Jan. 23, 2010. The attempted record was 66, but a few cars either failed to start or missed the 10 second requirement for the record.

Special Bonus: The most times hit by a car in two minutes. It took a brave German in a hoodie to set this one. While the hits aren't at high speed, the reality of the fact that this is a man who is voluntarily being plowed into by a car, eight times, can't cease to amaze. The record was set by Dietmar Loeffler in Cologne on Nov. 23, 2007.