Dear Reader:

Over the last 18 months, a transformation has been unfolding here at International Business Times as part of our mission to provide you with crucial, timely and engaging intelligence on the forces reshaping the global economy. Through aggressive investment in original reporting, we have doubled the size of our newsroom at our home base in New York while deploying a team of correspondents around the globe, from Shanghai to Bangalore to Beirut to Los Angeles, bringing you a broader and deeper report than ever. We have focused intently on the intersection of money and politics, unleashing high-impact investigative reporting that aims to elevate you above the dueling partisan narratives and spin while bringing you clarity on how the world really works. We have honed our storytelling in magazine-length features and multimedia elements, adding interactive graphics and video designed to provide you with multiple pathways toward discovery.

This week marks another milestone in our evolution as we roll out a sleek new design for our site, one that will enable readers to experience photos, video and interactive graphics in especially dynamic fashion.

The gorgeous display before you is the product of many creative minds working collaboratively, but not least the brainpower of our Chief Experience Officer Rich Pasqua and his team of designers. The new site will more effectively spotlight for you our most ambitious work and keep you updated in real time on the most crucial stories playing out around the globe. The new site will provide you with a consistent experience across every platform -- from the desktop to the tablet to the mobile phone -- enabling you to engage with our journalism wherever and however you desire.

The demands on your time have surely never been greater. We thank you for devoting some of your hours to our work. Please don't hesitate to share your feedback with our team, either on social media or here via comments. We are committed to continuing to innovate to bring you the most illuminating experience on the web.

Many thanks,

Peter S. Goodman, Global Editor-In-Chief