America’s favorite media sensation is back. Well, he’s been here all along, but just now are we again reaching the yearly apex of our Tim Tebow-obsession-bell-curve.

Through six weeks this season, the Tebow buzz has been relatively hushed, certainly quieter than the riotous levels it reached last year when Tebow (or the Broncos defense and  its power running game) miraculously pulled off a number of 4th quarter victories in games where Tebow had a sub-50 percent passer rating, or where he only threw the ball 8 times (this is not a sign your coaches trust your abilities as a QUARTERBACK).

Never before has an NFL QB who can’t accurately throw the ball eight yards to a wide open receiver garnered this much undeserved hype, but you should already know this by now.

Now, however, Tim Tebow, America’s favorite Filipino quarterback-cum-media lovechild-cum-"The Jets Have No Clue What To Do With Me"-Player, is slowly creeping back to dominate our sports media landscape where once there was Stuart Scott’s awful suits and WNBA highlights. The Jets, seeking any remedy whatsoever to right their cobbled-together, scurvy-ridden ship, are boasting to the media about playing Tebow at RB this week, even though Tim Tebow really plays for ESPN, is the network’s player, and can’t go a day without being mentioned 1,000 times on the sports monolith. This season, Tebow has flown slightly below the radar, but close enough to it to warrant being mentioned 10 times by ESPN during Baseball Tonight and PBA Bowling specials.

Tebow at RB this weekend makes perfect sense for the Jets because it doesn’t make any sense whatsoever in reality. Here’s Rex Ryan’s stream of consciousness.

“Because our running back Shonn Greene just had his best game of the season, let’s float to the media that we’ll give Tim more snaps this week at Shonn’s position. It’ll be sure to inspire confidence in Shonn, the same way it did in Mark after we extended him and then signed Tim.”

Tebow, so far, has played mostly special teams for the Jets, and his most remarkable play of the season came last week on a fake punt pass. When he gets a few snaps per game at running back, CBS dials in and ramps up their commentary like we’re about to watch the most important play in sports history.

This week, expect Tebow to get 5-6 carries, followed by a three-hour ESPN special on it later that night.