Fast food companies are working hard to shape up their unhealthy image and appeal to dieters as well as the health conscience.

I imagine when such a customer enters a fast food chain like Wendy's their eyes go directly to the salad menu thinking that here they will find healthy, low calorie options. However, what the health conscience customer will find here is somewhat deceptive.

Now this isn't outright deception. Wendy's is forthcoming about the nutritional facts concerning their new salads and customers can find this information in their stores and on the internet, but will the majority investigate or will they just order thinking salads are a healthy option.

Wendy's new Baja Salad has a whopping 740 Calories with 47 grams of Fat and their new Spicy Chicken Caesar salad has 740 Calories and 49 grams of Fat. These both have more fat than a 1/2 pound double cheeseburger from Wendy's and have 200 less calories than the recently infamous Double Down Sandwich from KFC.

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