Wescorp Energy Inc., an oil and gas technology solutions provider, was pleased to announce today that a 2,000 barrel per day H2Omaxx water remediation unit has been shipped to Kansas to begin full operations for an oil and gas producer. H2Omaxx safely, effectively and economically cleans and separates oil and solids from produced water using patented technology. Test results have demonstrated the H20maxx’s ability to reduce oil content in produced water to less than 0.001% allowing oil and gas operators to reduce, reuse, and recycle water.

In July of last year, the company signed a master lease agreement with a private oil and gas company with operations in Texas, Kansas and Wyoming to construct, deploy and operate up to 256 H2Omaxx water remediation units over a 5-year period. According to the press release, this will be the first unit shipped under the master lease agreement.

“The deployment of the first H2Omaxx unit is a great step forward for Wescorp Energy,” stated Mark Norris, Chairman of Wescorp. “By strategically placing the first unit in a deemed water crisis area in Kansas, it proves our confidence in the H2Omaxx technology and its ability to help our customers and the environment.”

“We are excited to showcase our H2Omaxx technology in Kansas. Our customer has agreed to allow other oil and gas operators, government officials and potential investors to visit the site and view its operations. They have also agreed to share their internal data that proves through the use of the H2Omaxx units, well productivity is enhanced and production costs are significantly reduced,” commented Doug Biles, President and CEO of Wescorp Energy. “We are confident that Wescorp’s water technology will offer significant benefits to our client by improving the recovery of residual hydrocarbons entrained in produced water.”