Located in Calgary, Alberta, Wescorp is a clean water company which provides the oil and gas industry with water purification solutions that overcome environmental remediation challenges. Today, Wescorp took a major step towards enhancing their future with the announcement they have entered into a contract for K-Line Trailers Ltd. to design and construct a full-size, commercial grade H2Omaxx mobile water remediation unit.

The self-contained unit will contain its own storage, separation, and containment tanks, micro-aeration generators, software and computer automation technology to allow the water remediation to occur at full capacity with minimal human supervision. K-Line has agreed to fund the total cost of design and construction of the unit with Wescorp scheduled to make repayment no earlier than 12 months after the full commissioning of the unit.

When asked what the H20maxx unit will mean to the future of Wescorp, Robert Power who serves as the young company’s Executive Chairman was quoted as saying, “Wescorp’s mission is to demonstrate for industry how effective the H2Omaxx technology is. Customers will be able to test and verify within hours at their site how effective hydrocarbon removal from water can be. Wescorp will offer an on-site test service at no cost to the customer. We are very confident in the price competitiveness of the H2Omaxx technology.”

Wescorp Energy is a company on the move. Currently, Wescorp is trading in the $0.24 range and with announcements such as this and numerous projects in their pipeline, Wescorp may be a diamond in the over-the-counter rough. For more information of the H20maxx or to learn more about the company, visit their website at: www.westcorp.com.

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