Wescorp Energy, Inc., an oil and gas operations solutions company focused on commercializing operational technologies, recently announced that the company has received a $1 million commitment from Cancen Oil Canada Corporation, an oilfield waste management and processing company. Cancen has committed $1,000,000 for the immediate construction of three Wescorp remediation units. This commitment is in accordance with the joint venture partnership that was announced on July 29, 2009.

Management has agreed that the first three units will consist of two H20Maxx water units and one HCXT solids remediation unit. H20Maxx is a commercially proven, safe and economical process for cleaning and separating oil and solids from produced water using patented technology. The HCXT solids remediation unit is also safe and economical for the extraction and cleaning of hydrocarbon-laden sediments and solids. The technology uses biodegradable chemicals to separate heavy oil from solids, including drilling cuttings and fine sands and clays from oil sand production.

Keith Talbot, president of Cancen Oil Canada Corporation, stated, “The assessment work of our waste management facilities is going very well. By integrating Wescorp’s remediation technologies into our existing business, we believe we will become a leader in the oil/water/solids disposal industry in western Canada.” He concluded, “We are driven to have the first three remediation units in full operation as soon as possible. We will then continue building an additional nine units over the next year.”