Wescorp Energy Inc. is a clean water technology company focused on implementing its low-cost solutions into several industry markets. These markets include the oil and gas industry where the company’s goal is to successfully treat hydrocarbon-contaminated water.

The company announced today that it has upgraded the design and increased the capacity of its H2Omaxx mobile hydrocarbon water remediation unit currently in production. In March, Wescorp reported it had entered into an agreement with K-Line Trailers Limited for the design and construction of a mobile 3,000 barrel per day commercial grade H2Omaxx unit.

However, now K-Line is building the next generation self-contained, mobile H2Omaxx unit. The new 10,000 barrel per day unit is designed to be rapidly transported to remote locations. The design phase of the increased capacity new unit is now complete and fabrication has begun. Wescorp expects to take delivery of the first new unit by the end of September.

The mobile 10,000 barrel per day unit is designed to be rapidly placed on sites for the purposes of demonstrating the technology and for use for short-term commercial operations. The unit will have its own storage, separation and containment tanks, micro-aeration generators, and computer automation technology to allow water remediation with minimal human supervision.

Upon completion of the commissioning phase, the unit will be available to be marketed for potential customer sites. These sites will initially be in western Canada, but Wescorp also intends to market the unit’s services in the Gulf of Mexico region. For more information on Wescorp and its new H2Omaxx unit, please visit its website at www.wescorpenergy.com.

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