Wescorp Energy Inc. was pleased to announce today that Western Canadian Oil Sands Inc. will be leasing a 2,000 barrel per day H2Omaxx water remediation unit to meet its Environmental Water Regulatory Requirements. H2Omaxx has been proven to be a safe and effective process for cleaning and separating oil and solids from produced water using patented technology. The H2Omaxx unit has demonstrated the ability to reduce the oil content in produced water to less than 0.001% or 10 parts per million, allowing oil and gas operators to reduce, reuse, and recycle water. Wescorp will begin construction of the H2Omaxx unit during the fourth quarter and deploy it once completed.

“We are very pleased to have the opportunity to use Wescorp’s H2Omaxx water remediation technology in our oil-sands operations,” commented Errin Kimball, President and CEO of Western Canadian Oil Sands. “The use of water is one of the critical issues that oil-sand operators are facing today. The H2Omaxx technology provides us with a solution that provides benefits to our company both in terms of lowering our exploration cost and lessening the impact to the environment.”

“We are honored to have Western Canadian Oil Sands choose our water remediation technology as its first choice solution for its oil sand operations,” commented Doug Biles, President and CEO of Wescorp Energy. “Based on 51-101 Technical Reports completed in late 2008, WCOS estimated its P50 reserves to be 409.4 million barrels of bitumen. WCOS is an aggressive and fast-moving company and Wescorp is looking forward to providing additional H2Omaxx units as its operations grow.”

According to the press release, heavy-oil operators will be able to visit Western Canadian Oil’s site and view its operations. The company has also agreed to share its internal data which Wescorp is confident will show that the use of the H2Omaxx units will result in enhanced oil sand productivity, significantly reduced production costs, and vast amounts of water remediated, reused and recycled.