The European Banks slowly but sure going to bankruptcy. The last few days the news for the fail of the European Banking system pushes the traders to sell euro. The commentaries blame the bank brunches in Eastern and Central Europe. The banks in Eastern Europe are in more than 80% owner of Western European Banks. The credit balloon and the housing sector crisis is the main factor for the worse results for the banks in Eastern and Central Europe. But can you answer to the question: Can a bank brunches collapse giant like Raiffaisen Bank and UniCredit Bank?

The question is very simple: of course NO said Peter Mill by

The bank problems are in United States and the covetous of the Western banks. They push all brunches to give credits as the money landing rising too much. But the credits in Eastern and Central Europe are liquidated and the bad credits are in normal levels. Why then the Western banks talk about a problem in Eastern and Central Europe?

There is not a problem in most of the Eastern European countries there is a problem in Western Europe and the Western banks. The Eastern European banks in the last couple of years calculate enormous gains. If the banks in Eastern Europe bankruptcy these fresh capitals will come back in Western European banks in few hundred percent profits said Peter Mill by

The banks speculate with the gains as encourage the Eastern European countries to take new loans that really is not needed. The real facts show that the banks in Eastern and Central Europe that are not associated with Western banks end the 2008 with profit although the world recession.