Six newly recognized breeds will be introduced to the prestigious Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show this year. The competition begins Monday in New York and dogs from across the country will compete in the world's most famous dog show against top entries in their breed and group.  

The prestigious show will feature more than 2,000 dogs and the six new breeds will bring the number of dog varieties up to 185 kinds.  

The six breeds that will be competing for the first time in the show include: American English Coonhounds (three entries in Hound Group), Cesky Terries (three entries in Terrier Group), Norwegian Lundehunds (five entries in the non-sporting group), Xoloitzcunitlis (ten entries in the non-sporting group), Entlebucher Mountain dogs (four entries in the herding group) and Finnish Lapphunds (eight entries in the herding group). 

While the new breeds will be welcomed into the competition, it seems unlikely the new competitors will win Best in Show on Tuesday. David Frei, the Westminster Kennel Club's spokesman and show announcer, told the Daily Beast that the fastest a dog has ever gone from being a newbie to winning the crown was 27 years. 

Meet the six new breeds that will be competing in the Westminster Dog Show in Feb. 13 and 14.

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