Formed in 2004, Westmont Resources, Inc. is an independent natural resource and development company with principal operations in the United States. The Company’s business model emphasizes the acquisition and operation of existing producing assets in the oil and gas industry. Westmont Resources, Inc. has their headquarters in Bellevue, Washington.

The Company plans to explore, to develop, and to produce natural resources to include minerals, natural gas, crude oil, and natural gas liquids. In North America, their exploration and production interests focus on mineral exploration in British Columbia, Canada. Oil and natural gas exploration focuses on the Appalachian Basin, Illinois Basin, Permian Basin, Williston Basin, and along the Gulf Coast in Eastern Texas.

The Company is currently targeting their efforts on the emerging Marcellus and Chattanooga Shale Play in the Appalachian Basin and near other major oil company discovery wells. Concerning the Marcellus & Chattanooga Shale, Westmont currently has 92 leased wells in Tennessee, 60 wells in Pennsylvania and 60 wells in West Virginia.

In March, Westmont Resources, Inc. announced that they completed the final agreement with NuEarth Corporation for the exclusive manufacturing and distribution of “FracSolv”, an all-natural 100 percent biodegradable and environmentally safe fracturing solution for deployment in the oil and natural gas drilling industry.

Westmont is also focusing on applying their proprietary “EcoRecovery4″™, proprietary extraction process. This process combines industry disruptive technologies to optimize the recoveries of oil and gas from heavy formations and shale. Features of EcoRecovery4™ include patented processes and devices and a uniquely formulated biodegradable and organic substance known as “FracSolv™” to enhance yields for oil and gas production.

The EcoRecovery4™ process mechanically injects a heated solution of natural gas, derived from the production of the well, deep into the formation by a proprietary tool to melt the heavy tar oil and shale oil to a thin viscosity and then extracts it to heated storage tanks on the surface.

EcoRecovery4™ is a refined advanced extraction technique. It will enable Westmont and other oil & gas producer licensees to tap unconventional resources (e.g. shale oil and gas and heavy oil trapped deep within the earth). The Company intends to license EcoRecovery4™ and become full technical advisory partners to independent oil and gas producers.

Eco-Recovery4™ yields cost advantages of up to 50 percent. It has the advantage of extracting up to 90 percent of a basin’s reserves. This is in comparison to a 40 percent recovery when employing other extraction methods. Additionally, Eco-Recovery4™ has virtually no adverse environmental impact.