A California teen publicly thanked actor Patrick Dempsey for saving him from what could have been a fatal car wreck last week.

Last Tuesday, Weston Masset, 17, lost control of his Mustang while driving near Dempsey's home in Malibu, Calif. The car reportedly rolled three times. Masset was trapped inside and barely conscious.

I was scared for my life, Masset told ABC News. I was upside down, 

Dempsey quickly sprang into action. He approached the vehicle, assisting Masset by removing him from the wreck. Dempsey then called the paramedics. He waited by Masset's side until they arrived and airlifted him to the nearest hospital.

Masset was treated for a concussion and an eye injury. Doctors expect him to make a full recovery.  

During the interview with ABC, Masset said he thought Dempsey looked familiar as he rescued him. His first words to him as he was being pulled from the Mustang were Are you famous? Dempsey replied saying Yeah, I'm a doctor.

He was there for me, said Masset. It would have been a lot worse without me.

The 46-year-old actor, famous for his role as Dr. Jack Shepherd on Grey's Anatomy and father of three, also called Masset's mother to inform her of her son's condition.

He had a certain authority in his voice, said Mary Beth Masset, reported ABC News. I asked if he was a paramedic and he said 'No, this is Patrick Dempsey.' 'I thought, McDreamy?'

Neither Dempsey nor his public relations representatives have commented on the situation.