After the release of “Westworld” episode 5, “Contrapasso,” fans’ expectations for the upcoming episodes of the HBO sci-fi show have been raised even higher.

“Westworld” episode 6, entitled “The Adversary,” will definitely not disappoint. The episode synopsis, which was shared by Den of Geek, reads: “Dolores (Evan Rachel Wood) joins William (Jimmi Simpson) and Logan (Ben Barnes) on a bounty hunt; The Man in Black (Ed Harris) finds a critical clue in his search to unlock the maze; Dr. Ford (Anthony Hopkins) and Theresa discuss the park's future; Maeve (Thandie Newton) is troubled by a recurring vision.”

The episode’s trailer opens with the Man in Black and Teddy Flood (James Marsden) talking about the maze. “The maze itself is a sum of a man’s life - the choices he makes, dreams he hangs on to. It’s an old native myth,” says Flood.

The Man in Black replies, “The maze is all that matters now.”

The scene then shifts to Maeve Millay, who appears to be more conscious of the truth about her being. “It’s a difficult thing - realizing your entire life is some hideous fiction,” she says. “It’s all a story created by you to keep us here.” She then offers “some suggestions” to her operator.

In the teaser, Dolores Abernathy also bares her heart out to William, saying, “It’s like I’m trapped in a dream where [I’m in] a memory from a life long ago.”

What’s shocking is that the highly moral William seems to have taken a turn towards the dark side as he clutches a knife and approaches a man lying on the ground. Could it be his brother-in-law Logan?

Dr. Robert Ford then issues a warning: “I designed every part of this place. Did you really think I would let you take it from me?”

Wood earlier told The Huffington Post that there will be some shocking twists in store for fans in the next couple of episodes. “I can tell you that the surprises will floor you. Certainly prepare for [Episodes] 9 and 10 to have your heart broken and your mind blown,” she said. “And that’s really all I can say. I’m just over the moon about it.”