If you think that “Westworld” characters Hector and Logan look so much alike they could actually be the same person, then you’re not the only one.

The physical similarities between the two characters are so uncanny, and their personalities do not differ much either. Both of them have roguish personalities and a flair for doing the wrong things.

However, Insider would like to set the record straight that they’re not the same character, since the host Hector Escaton is played by Rodrigo Santoro while Logan is played by Ben Barnes.

Hector was introduced in the pilot episode when he tried to rob the Mariposa Saloon with his peers. Logan, on the other hand, was introduced in the second episode as a spoiled rich executive who wanted to have some fun with his brother-in-law in the park.

Earlier, Jimmi Simpson, who plays Logan’s park companion, William, told Variety that Logan is such a jerk because he grew up with a sense of entitlement.

In the fifth episode entitled “Contrapasso,” Logan hit a new low when he criticized William, who seemed reluctant to play along with his wild abandon in the park.

“You’re not a threat to anyone, that’s why I picked you. And why my sister picked you,” Logan told William.

William got so fed up that he almost hit Logan, but held himself back at the last minute.

“It’s about that degree of entitlement being turned up. We all know someone who has always had everything they wanted, and some of those people are completely unable to see everyone else around them. All they’re able to do is indulge themselves,” Simpson explained. “When Logan steps into the park he takes it to another level. He doesn’t even feel the need to be polite, because it’s not the real world.”