A 40-foot long whale shark was reeled in by fishermen in the port of Karachi, Pakistan, Tuesday, according to the Express Tribune. 

The Pakistani newspaper reported that Mehmood Khan, owner of the Charai Fishery, said he heard the whale shark was first seen ten days ago nearly 100 miles from Karachi. When the whale shark was found Tuesday, it was already dead.

As the 40-foot long and six-feet wide whale shark was lifted out of the water by construction cranes, a large crowd gathered on the pier. The creature was sold for 1.7 million rupees or approximately $18,750.

Whale sharks are normally found deep in warm oceans and are currently a threatened species. They are slow-moving filter feeding sharks that primarily eat plankton. ABC News reports that the largest whale shark ever found was 41 feet long and more than 47,000 pounds. 

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