Rumors are circulating the Internet about what Breitbart had on President Barak Obama. He planned to release a series of tapes recorded during the president's Harvard days showing Obama in an extremely negative light. Now, a friend of Breitbart plans to release the tapes in less than two weeks.

I have videos, this election we're going to vet him, said the media mogul Andrew Breitbart at this year's CPAC event, according to Conservative Byte. The videos are going to come out, the narrative is going to come out, that Barack Obama met a bunch of silver ponytails in the 1980s, like Bill [Ayers] and Bernardine [Dohrn] who said one day we would have the presidency, and the rest of us slept as they plotted, and they plotted, and they plotted.

The tapes allegedly show Obama as a radical pushing for racial tension and class warfare, according to The Star. Breitbart had planned to release the tapes on his websites, which are estimated to be worth approximately $4 million. However, he suddenly passed away on Thursday morning in Brentwood, Los Angeles, at age 43.

On Thursday, writer and documentarian Steven Bannon told Fox News' Sean Hannity that Breitbart's company will release the mysteries Obama tapes in seven to 10 days.

We'll come back to you in a week or two and show them on the Hannity show, Bannon said on the Hannity show. We're very systematic about going through these things. . . this is the one, as you saw at CPAC, he (Brietbart) was fired up about.

Barack Obama is a radical, we should not be afraid to say that! Okay? said Breitbart during CPAC, according to The Star. And Barack Obama was launched from Bill and Bernadine's salon. I've been there.