Yesterday, my colleague Elizabeth Harrow blogged about McDonald's and its impact on Starbucks and yours truly took a look at the upcoming healthier child-friendly advertising from Burger King Holdings . Well, SBUX announced today that it is reviewing its inventory of food and beverages in an effort to see how to market them to children and their parents. SBUX spokesman Brandon Borrman stated yesterday that the company is taking a top-to-bottom look at what is on the menu, at its serving portions, and how it might tweak both factors for children.

Now, I don't lug the Fightbabies to SBUX when I have a craving for a grande pumpkin-spice latte, but it appears that some parents do and even treat their tots to a babychinno. Turns out that a babychinno is steamed milk served in a sippy cup. The marketing men (and women) over at SBUX have noticed that elementary and high schoolers have decided to hang out at their stores rather than other options. In the past, the coffee company noted that it would never market to kids, but it has decided that it will determine what's the appropriate path it should take to tap into the market.