It's almost Christmas, and that means having to shell out your hard-earned, cold-hard cash on presents not only for your mom, dad and grandparents, but also your well-hated frenemy. While it may be easier to just get them something they will actually enjoy this holiday season, here are nine original ideas that will bring you joy to purchase for that special someone you don't like this Christmas:

Poop in a Box, $24-$55


Looking for an anonymous gift to send your frenemy this Christmas-- then consider gifting them poop in a box. Yes, that's right, there is a company that actually send dung to people's doorsteps. The excrement (obtained from cows, gorillas and elephants) can be purchased in one quart or one gallon sizes.

GPS Stress, $9


A GPS may seem like a gift you would give a loved one, but this particular Global Positioning System is specially made especially for frenemies. This genius gag gift looks and sounds like an expensive piece of machinery, but offers nothing but wrong directions and insults.

Butt Face Towel, $19.99


A nice new set of towels may have been just want your frenemy wanted this Christmas, so give them their desired gift, but with a twist. The Face/Butt towel household essential is sure to give you a giggle and your frenemy a scowl this holiday. 

1,000 Piece Puzzle- Prices Vary


Giving your frenzy an intricate puzzle to complete this Christmas is sure to bring you joy. Want to make the giving the gift even more pleasurable-? Ask your friend to send you a photo of the complete puzzle.

Snuggie, $24.95


If they don't already have one, then they probably don't want one, and therefore, this is the perfect gift for your frenemy. You can even make your the apparel customized by adding phrases such as "baby on board."

Toilet Mug, $12.99

Maybe your frenemy enjoys starting their day with a fresh cup of coffee? Make their morning routine special with this toilet mug, a gift sure to explain your true feelings this holiday.

Wine Rack Flask Bra, $38.99


The wine rack flask bra is no doubt an inventive piece of machinery, but it is also a great dig for a female friend who has been blessed with a smaller cup size. The wine rack flash bra is the perfect gift for female frenemies. 

Emily Post Etiquette, 18th Edition, $27.31


For the frenemy that seems to struggle with basic manners, gift them the longtime best-seller, Emily Post Etiquette (18th edition) book. A notable tip included in the book -- how to "unfriend" someone on social media. 

Money Maze Puzzle Bank, $8.95


If you're feeling generous and want to give your frenemy cold hard cash this Christmas, make them work for it with the Money Maze Puzzle Bank. The bank, which allows you to lock cash or gift cards inside, will only allow the recipient to receive their gift once they have figured out how to open the square contraption.