by Johan Kriek (

Key events today:

- Eurozone Consumer Confidence @ 10AM GMT

- US GDP @ 12:30 GMT

- US Jobless Claims @ 12:30 GMT

*Watch out for those GDP figures. Last week we saw bad GDP figures from the UK and the Pound got pounded…

Probability Studies:

Direction of  Highest Probability: BEARISH

60 minute trend resistance: 1.4812

Bullish Probability above: 1.4812

Significant resistance: 1.4812

Significant support:1.4657, 1.4563

Direction of  Highest Probability: BULLISH

60 minute trend support: 1.6300

Bearish Probability below: 1.6300

Significant support: 1.6300, 1.5927, 1.6257

Significant resistance:1.6680

*Please note that the 60minute trend forms part of a bigger Head and Shoulder bearish pattern. See the chart below (this is why we have a no trade zone) Should the High of 1.6466 be taken, I will have a closer look at longs

Head and Shoulders patterns are bearish when found in a bull trend. The neckline support resides at 1.6257. If latter support is violated we can expect a significant drop to the downside. I would wait for this neckline to be violated before entering any shorts as Technical Analysis is not an exact science. Wait for confirmation first

Direction of  Highest Probability: BEARISH

60 minute trend resistance: 0.9120

Bullish Probability above: 0.9120

Significant resistance: 0.9120

Significant support:0.8889

Direction of  Highest Probability: BEARISH

60 minute trend resistance: 91.50

Bullish Probability above: 91.50

Significant resistance: 91.00, 9150

Significant support:NA


This analysis has been based on the Probability Study Technique which is derived from the Dow Theory

Also note that a “trading condition” does not constitute a trading signal, but rather a context to execute your own trading system within.

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