Hollywood actor Frank Grillo is back. He is the only character from “The Purge: Anarchy” to return for “Election Year.” But since the last film came out two years ago, some viewers might have a foggy memory when it comes to the storyline. Before moviegoers see the third film, there are some things they should know.

First things first, Grillo’s character goes by a different name in the third installation of “The Purge” franchise. While he was called Sergeant in “Anarchy,” he is called “Leo” in “Election Year.”

In the second film, viewers are only given a glimpse of his background. But one thing is clear: His main goal is to purge. For those who might not know, murder is legal for one night a year. A new regime in America was created and they call it the New Founding Fathers of America. In the third film, however, they call it the NFFA.

Sergeant wants to purge because his son was killed years before. He has the weaponry and skills to pull off an attack, but his plan is soon foiled. When Sergeant comes across unprotected women in need of his help, he changes his plan and helps them instead.

For most of the film, he winds up getting completely off-track and instead of killing out of revenge; he’s killing to save the people who cannot save themselves.

In the end, when the other main characters are safe, he finds the man who murdered his son. But instead of killing him, Sergeant let’s his son’s murderer live, thus solidifying Sergeant as a hero.

When he returns in “Election Year,” he goes by his first name, Leo, and is the security detail for a political candidate who wants to end the purge.

“The Purge: Election Year” hit theaters nationwide Friday.

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