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REUTERS/Kevin Lamarque

Did you know America's Funniest Home Videos was still on the air?  Neither did I.

But apparently they ARE, and they just came out with a list of the least-funny states in America.

Unfortunately, their methodology is totally flawed.  They ranked states by which ones have had the fewest winning videos on their show.  And they didn't take population into account.

So, according to them, the least funny state is... Washington, D.C., because a winning video has NEVER been submitted from D.C.

Of course, D.C. has only submitted 404 videos in the show's 21-year history.

The funniest state, California, has submitted over 100,000 tapes.

So yeah, it's flawed, but whatever.  Let's still goof on these party poopers.

The six least funny states are...

1.  Washington D.C.  (0 wins on America's Funniest Home Videos)

2.  Rhode Island  (1 win)

3.  Alaska  (2 wins)

4.  North Dakota  (2 wins)

5.  Vermont  (3 wins)

6.  Wyoming  (3 wins)