New devices are always coming out, how do I make sure my phone won't be obsolete in six months?

The answer to this could change in just one year, but the iPhone or Samsung Galaxy S2 won't be obsolete in six months. Any of the high end devices are going to have some staying power for now, and that's because the more features get packed into mobile devices, the more battery drain it will cause. Without a major battery breakthrough, phones will either get bigger to support larger batteries or the tech specs won't get astronomically better with each new product revision due to rapid battery drainage.

Is it better to buy a smartphone online or at a store?

It doesn't matter where you buy it, but sometimes the prices do vary from the store to the Web site, so make sure to check both. Also, you'll want to go to the store before you buy just so you can get your hands on the devices to see if you'll like them.

Should I buy an Apple or Android?

It depends on if you are upgrading, buying for the first time or switching from a feature phone to a smartphone. Furthermore, there are other systems out there to choose from including the BlackBerry devices and phones running the newest version of the Microsoft system. If you are slightly less tech-centric, the sheer number of Android devices out there could be confusing. There are different device manufacturers to go along with the different carriers, and they sometimes run different versions of the software. If you want to be able to use your email, surf the web and make calls, then you really can't go wrong as long as you consider your choices along what you're looking for, not by sales pitches.

What happens if I switch from AT&T to Verizon?

Nothing happens, and you might like it better. The only thing you need to consider is the type of plan you currently have. AT&T no longer offers unlimited data plans, so if you have been on AT&T for a few years, you could be grandfathered into this bracket. If you were to cancel your plan and go elsewhere, you would lose out on that unlimited data. It's not a huge consideration unless you know you are always going to be uploading photos and surfing the Web.