America's 235th Birthday is just days away. Family and friends will come together on this national summer holiday to barbeque, picnic, watch games, fireworks, party and have fun. It is a time to celebrate as a nation and as a people with a patriotic spirit.

However, one crucial fact to remember is that drunk driving incidents are highest around this time.

The Fourth of July weekend has repeatedly ranked by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration as the deadliest holiday, even more so than New Years and Labor Day. Statistics show that hundreds of alcohol-related car crashes occurred during this time, and nearly half were fatal.

Travellers are reminded to take extra caution and practice road safety.

A reminder of what NOT to do this weekend holiday:

1) Drink and drive

2) Speed

3) Travel unbelted

4) Reckless fireworks. (If fireworks are legal in your state and you plan on setting them off, do so with extra caution.)