width=309Many people don't know what Palladium is. Here is a quick description of the new alloy that is becoming quickly popular:

Palladium is a noble metal like Platinum that is used to create fine jewelry, and like its sister metal, Platinum, it can be used as an alloy of 95% purity. Compare this to White Gold alloys which require a large percentage of alloying metals. 18K Gold is only 75% pure and 14K Gold is only 58.5% pure.

Palladium is a white metal that, like Platinum, enhances the beauty of diamonds and gemstones set within it. Because it's white color is natural and not the result of plating or alloying, Palladium's white has great depth and luster.

Palladium is a Platinum Group Metal and is thirty times more rare than Gold. Mined together with Platinum in less than a half-dozen regions around the globe, Palladium is truly a precious metal and a fitting symbol of love, life, and other rare gifts. Palladium provides the luxury, purity and look of Platinum for approximately the price of White Gold.

Palladium, like Platinum, is naturally strong and durable when used in a higher purity alloy than other metals such as silver and Gold. Resulting in a more hypo allergenic product, Palladium does not suffer from prong failure, which is typical of many White Gold settings.

Design Versatility
Palladium strikes a harmonious balance: more durable and less susceptible to tarnish than White Gold, but as malleable as Platinum. Palladium can support delicate designs which are difficult to execute in White Gold yet has the malleability to facilitate easy sizing, repair, etc. With a weight similar to fine Silver, Palladium has enough heft to convey luxury but it is notably lighter than Platinum, allowing for bigger and bolder design looks that remain wearable and affordable.