Jon Jones, UGC’s light heavyweight champion failed a drug test at the UFC 214 ahead of his win over Daniel Cormier in Anaheim, California, last month, UFC president Dana White confirmed Tuesday, according to ESPN.

The UFC in a statement said Jones had consumed the in-competition sample that was collected on July 28, a day before his fight against Cormier. White did not comment on the substance that Jones was tested positive for.

According to TMZ, sources revealed that Jones has been tested positive for anabolic steroid Turinabol.

Turinabol is an oral anabolic steroid. Anabolic steroids are synthetic hormones. They are derivatives of testosterone and are used medically for helping the growth of tissues, Merriam-Webstar said on its website.

There have been various instances when sportspersons are found using Turinabol to increase their performance. Turinabol was developed by in East Germany in 1960s by researchers who wanted their athletes to gain muscle and strength without getting caught in tests, reports said.

While anabolic steroids can lead to great results in less time, Turinabol is less effective than other products in the same category.  In the case of Turinabol, the action is not immediate and it helps the athletes in building muscles and gaining weight slowly but completely.

It is also known as a long term anabolic steroid as it produces long lasting muscles and is more powerful in the longer term.

Because of the low doses, the athlete can get away with doping tests if they stop using it around five days before the test.

Due to its low dose, the side effects of Turinabol are limited as compared to other drugs of the similar category. It is also said that prolonged use of Turniabol might cause damage to the liver.

While women also use the steroid, if precautions are not taken, this might have devastating effects for feminity, according to reports.

Jones had won the fight that took place on July 29. Jones would now have to go through a disciplined process. "We are all at a complete loss for words right now," Jones' camp said in a statement.

“We are having the samples tested again to determine the validity or source of contamination. Jon is crushed by this news and we are doing whatever we can as a team to support him," according to ESPN.

If the results of the tests hold John would be stripped of the title, it would make the July 29 fight as “no contest” and Cormier would get back the world title.

"In my mind, on July 29, I competed and I lost. I thought Jon Jones was the better man that day. I don't know what to think anymore. I can't believe we are going through all of this again. We will see what happens next," Cormier told ESPN.

This is not the first time that John has tested positive for banned substance.  In 2016, before UFC he was tested positive for anti-estrogenic agents. He had then said that he had not realized that he was taking banned substances.