Over the past several years, many businesses have invested into Internet marketing strategies. With the rise of social media and search engine usage across all Web-enabled devices, there is a definite value to utilizing those platforms to enhance brand awareness. However, some companies still haven't fully realized the potential of search engine and social media optimization. The SEO industry has gained a lot of momentum recently and is now a multi-million dollar per year business. The reason for the growth and success of search engine optimization is simple: It works.

Despite the proven success of SEO, some business owners are still left wondering exactly how improved search engine rankings can really affect their company and its revenues. The very concept of SEO is too abstract for some to consider as a viable investment. Despite the hesitation of some skeptics, the basic idea of search engine optimization is to increase online visibility.

For any business, visibility is important. The goal of any SEO campaign is to allow for greater brand visibility in search engine results, which exposes said brand to anyone who may be searching for exactly what that brand offers. Of course, there is also concern that because natural or organic search results cannot be manipulated by anything except a search engine algorithm. Although no Internet marketing company can change that algorithm, there are known ways to influence it to help specific pages rank higher in search results. The correct use of keywords, page content and even elements of the page's HTML itself are crucial factors in determining that page's authority. SEO strategies are designed to bring optimized pages to the forefront of results and when properly executed, those strategies have proven to be effective in a majority of campaigns. As social media continues to grow, it too will play an even more instrumental role in SEO and SMO campaigns. Internet marketing is expected to grow into 2012 and for companies that don't take advantage now, the future of their online visibility may very well be in jeopardy.