For the illicit pot dealer in Colorado, now is the time to tinker with your resumé, apply to college or find some type of living that doesn’t involve weed, now that the Centennial State’s cannabis legalization laws have taken effect with the new year (albeit with some restrictions).

Not sure where to start? Here are some “high”-paying jobs in Colorado based on annual mean wage, according to the latest information from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics:  

1. Psychiatrist $186,940

You can give out drugs and get paid. Legally.

2. Dentist (general) $133,300

Diagnosis: Cavities due to too many cases of the munchies. You’ll be able to relate.

3. Pharmacist $113,700

Your expertise in drugs will serve you well.

Here are three others that in some way involve getting high:

4. Air traffic controller, $137,740

5. Aerospace engineer - $111,920

6. Airline pilot, co-pilot or flight engineer - $91,740

Were you good at getting customers to buy your weed? Maybe a sales job is more for you:

7. Advertising and promotions managers $130,790

8. Sales manager $125,660

9. Sales representative (wholesale and manufacturing, except scientific products) $66,930

10. Advertising sales agent $61,080