It's impossible to travel abroad without changing in some way. You're exposed to people, sights and cuisines that aren't familiar.  It's a break from your daily routine.

That's not to say sitting your butt on a beach in Fiji would have quite the same lasting impact as a 10-day trek through the Himalaya, but every trip leaves a lasting mark on you.

Lonely Planet wanted to know what countries are the MOST life-changing, so they asked their Facebook and Twitter followers which destination changed them the most.

Over 1,000 people responded, and the country determined to be the most life-changing is... India.

India topping a list like this is no surprise really, with its landmarks, diverse population, and incredible cuisine.

The second most life-changing country was more of a surprise: Cambodia.

Nearly tied for third place were Australia and Thailand, and in fifth place was New York City. 

France, New Zealand, Nepal, Vietnam, Peru and Egypt followed.

Above is a word diagram of the most life-changing cities.

What's your most life-changing destination? Share in the comments below.