Harold Camping says he will no longer preach about the end of the world.

The world has been warned. We did our share, he told reporters at his Oakland, Calif. headquarters on Monday.

On Monday, Camping maintained that the world will end on October 21. He incorrectly predicted that May 21 would see the rapture of true believers to heaven and cataclysmic earthquakes around the world.

If people want me to apologize, I will apologize, Camping said when pressed by reporters on Monday evening. I did not have all that worked out as accurately as I should have had it.

Instead of a physical judgment on May 21, it was just spiritual, Camping said.

The timing, the structures, the proofs, none of that has changed at all, he said.

Camping, 89, and the President of the Family Radio stations, was making his first extended comments on the Open Forum.

On Sunday, in brief comments to IBTimes, Camping said he had to live with the fact that May 21 didn't match his expectations and told the San Francisco Chronicle he was flabbergasted about the result.

I'm looking for answers, he told the Chronicle.

On Monday he had them, although not to the extent or to the satisfaction of some reporters during the program's recording.

Camping was asked if he had hurt the credibility of religion. Camping denied it.

He was also asked what would happen to the people who lost their life savings to promote the May 21 Doomsday.

He said that in the latest recession many people lost their homes and jobs, but survived.

People cope. People cope, he said.

He was also asked if he would give any donations back.

No, that money is still going out, he said. We are not out of business, we've learned that we still have to go another five months.

We are spending it as wisely as possible. Maybe by October 21 we will only have $10 left, he said.