E3 has taken the week by storm with developers all around the world showcasing their latest projects and announcing the dates of release. Many have showcased upcoming games while others have talked about sequels to their already famed projects. Gaming heavy-weights like Microsoft, Nintendo, Ubisoft and Sony came to the fore-front to display games that kept the attendees on their feet and searching for more.

Below is a list of releases as per the companies at the E3 convention.

Microsoft: Launch of Kinect-- EA showcased the controller-free gaming and entertainment experience in the form of Kinect for Microsoft’s Xbox 360 platform and announced that the sports games that will release later this year will support Kinect along with voice recognition for Mass Effect 3.

Announcement of Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary-- the new re-mastered version of the original game that was released in 2001, will see enhanced graphics and a dual mode where the player will have the option to switch between the original game and the new version.

Release of the awaited Halo 4-- Microsoft confirmed that Halo 4 is in its developing stages which will witness the return of Master Chief and will release by the end of 2012.

Live TV on Xbox 360-- the Xbox 360 will get live TV option along with services from YouTube and voice-controlled Bing search.

Nintendo: Launch of Wii U-- Wii U was announced officially and the release date has been fixed for next year. The platform will feature games like Batman Arkham City, Smash Bros and Assassin’s Creed.

Wii U deck console: the long awaited question whether Wii U is a controller or a console was answered and the end result was that the whole thing was a console.

Mario is back-- the company announced that new entries in Mario Kart, Super Mario, and StarFox series will be on the Nintendo 3DS before the end of 2011. A sequel of Luigi’s Mansion is also on the cards for the handheld.

Nintendo 3DS eShop-- The Nintendo 3DS eShop for downloadable games will launch with a free virtual Pokémon approach guide, Nintendo said at the E3.

Sony: NGP renamed PlayStation Vita-- The PlayStation Vita will cost around $249 for the Wi-fi version and the 3G model around $299 and the device will be exclusive to AT&T.

Sony’s 24 3D PlayStation TV-- A PlayStation-branded 3D display was announced that will come with Resistance 3 which will cost around $499, and both the PSP versions of God of War and the Team Ico collection will be remastered as 3D PS3 games.

Sony’s 24-inch 3D HDTV—The new HD television will cost $500 and will have the option of screen sharing. It will need two sets of active 3D glasses to initiate the sharing features.

Others: Battlefield 3-- The new Battlefield 3 will see the introduction of players with the ability to tackle new tactical options. New Frostbite engine has been introduced for the game.

Star Wars: The Old Republic-- The player can now play as either a Sith or Jedi but won’t affect if the gamer is good or evil.