As conflicting reports about Bobbi Kristina Brown continue to surface a family member has said that Whitney Houston's only daughter is getting lots of love from her family and will next get to know them better.

Darlene Love, Houston's godmother, told Access Hollywood earlier this week that Bobbi Kristina is getting exactly what she needs right now -- a lot of faith and hope.

Right now what she needs is what we are giving her, Love told Access Hollywood in an interview. We are giving her a lot of love. We're giving her a lot of faith. We're giving her hope and being around the Houston and Warwick family -- it is big family of belief in God and faith that you can get through anything. And that is exactly what's going on right now.

It is uncertain at this time who Bobbi Kristina will be living with now that her mother is dead.

We don't know that yet. I have no idea, Love said in the interview. But I have a feeling that she is going to end up being close to the family.

Love said that a majority of Houston's mother, Cissy, and her cousin Dionne Warwick's family are still in her home state of New Jersey.

That is where Whitney was off and on, Love said. I have this feeling she is going to get close. She hasn't been around her cousins a whole lot. So she is going to get to know her cousins. They are going to be together a lot. I don't know where she is going to end up. She is 18 years old and she is going to try to make her own decisions.

But Love said parents who have children who were 18 years old know that they think they know it, but they don't.

Whitney Houston died on Feb. 11 in a bathtub in her hotel suite at the Beverly Hilton hotel. She was 48 years old and was very close to her daughter Bobbi Kristina. How the singer died has not been released to the media at this time.

Bobbi Kristina reportedly had a hard time coping with her mother's death and was hospitalized the day after her mother died and treated for stress and anxiety.

Houston was buried on Sunday at the Fairview Cemetery in Westfield, N.J. A funeral service for the singer was held in her childhood church, New Hope Baptist Church, the day before.

Following Houston's funeral, sources told The Daily Beast that Bobbi Kristina was missing for several hours and was later found getting high. The sources said that hours before the burial concerned family members were panicking and trying located the 18 year old.

However, Love told Access Hollywood that Bobbi Kristina was not missing and was with family the entire time.

A statement from the family spokesperson did note that there was some confusion about Bobbi Kristina's whereabouts for a short time, but insisted that the teen needed some time alone.

She is going through a very hard time, as you can expect, the spokesperson told The Daily Beast.

Watch the Access Hollywood interview below: