Have you ever seen the movie Dangerous Beauty? If you haven't, well, I highly recommend it. But here is my point: one of the best quotes ever about sexuality comes from the heroine in this film. She's a sacred prostitute or courtesan. She's brilliant and versatile and a connoisseur of passion and of life. She says: I confess I find more ecstasy in passion than in prayer. Such passion is prayer.

What does that mean exactly? Western culture sees ecstasy as a result of prayer, faith and pure living. It has a difficult time with the concept of ecstasy coming from, and through, sexuality, intimacy and bodily pleasure. Yet many cultures, from the past and even the present, hold sexual expression as divinely inspired. The passion of sexuality is a form of prayer, especially when you discover the ways to make it even more like a prayer.

Erotic cultures of the past, many of these from the East, brought us great books like the Kama Sutra and the Ananga Ranga. These books have withstood the test of time and continue to inform us today in ways that work hand-in-hand with modern science and cutting-edge cultural interests. Sex is all the rage. Great sex is even more on-topic today. Couples everywhere are looking for information and adventurous practices to up the ante on their bedroom antics. While magazines like Cosmopolitan give a tease (and some really silly positions!) and Men's Health might have an occasional article on sex tips, none of it is very - well - passionate.

Hot, erotic, passionate, intimate, slow, deep, hot sex is prayer. And you can make your 'worship' a lot more soulful and lasting by increasing your knowledge of all things sexual.

Men: learning to master your ejaculation, so that you can climax when you choose to, is not only fun. It is an exciting and a valuable technique for enhancing your sexual experience, not just your lover's. You'll 'feel' more. And so will your lover.

Women: increasing your capacity for orgasm, pleasure and intimacy has many benefits, even beyond the bedroom. Learning some of the simple techniques to expand your pleasure quotient is empowering and healthy as well as erotically stimulating.

There are many things to learn that mainstream media can't or won't teach you. Why? Because our puritan heritage still influences us to this day. And, even when people are willing to learn, most people haven't had the fortune to learn from sexual masters or haven't ever delved into the ancient manuals on sex.

It's not too late. But make sure you seek out real information with the hands-on, how-to that really discloses the secrets-not just material designed to titillate you.

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