width=139It seems personality tests are being used for everything these days.

From dating services to employment, people are using these tests to determine if their personality type is a good fit with their potential partner or job.

Now it appears these types of tests are being used to evaluate not only what motivates people to loose weight according to their personality type, but also what things could help determine one's success on a particular diet.

What is Your Diet Type by Heather K. Jones, R.D, Mary Miscisin M.S. and Ed Redard M.D is a book that seeks to explain how personality type plays a key role in dieting success. The authors studied 10 years of patient research, case studies, focus groups and over 8,000 online surveys to determine patterns that exist between dieting and personality.

The book also recognizes that people don't always fit into a cookie cutter personality type and could exhibit characteristics of more than one type. When looking for a diet plan the following explains the criteria different personality types use to make a decision;

  • Feeler: Support groups to discuss feelings, ideas and issues and the use of journaling. A program that has a self development component.
  • Thinker: The diet is backed up by reliable resources and research of which the dieter can study,
  • Player: A program that has fast results, variety, self-control strategies, and ease of use.
  • Planner: A program that has a routine and can be prepared for well in advance as well as an accountability component.

The book believes that if people are more aware of themselves and their personalities, then they are more likely to achieve success in their weight loss journeys.

You can complete an online quiz to determine your diet personality type and you can also participate in the poll below to tell us which type best describes you.

Source: Heath News Digest