Psssst!  In case you haven't heard, certain countries in Europe are having a debt crisis.  The world vacillates back and forth as to the severity of the crisis.  Some days it seems under control and others totally NOT!  Bottom line?  Debt is never under control until it is paid off.  When I say paid off, I'm not talking about debts covered with printed money or borrowing.  When we borrow money to buy a car, does the bank then lend us money to make a payment?  No!  Paying off debt means debt goes away and the only other way to make that happen is to default and just never pay it back at all.As the rest of the world observes, they react according to the flavor of the news.  When debt looks to be under control the world markets rise.  When the debt problem appears to be spreading, the world markets fall.  So what is the best strategy for protecting your wealth in these times when it is obvious debt crises are spreading like a plague throughout the world.Why not look at what the Europeans are doing to ready themselves for the worst?  That seems reasonable doesn't it?  Let's take Greece for example.  Greek citizens are buying gold from their cental bank for a 40% premium over spot prices.  That's $1700 USD an ounce!  And what are Germans as prehaps the most solvent of European countries?  They too are buying PHYSICAL GOLD in the form of gold coins and gold bars.  In a recent article, the Perth mint in Australia reports that European buyers have accounted for 69% of new gold purchases.  The Rand Refinery in South Africa is also reporting record sales of gold coins.Now let me just make an observation.  If the attitude of citizens in Europe is to buy gold, what should our attitude be toward gold when our debt situation is potential far more grave than any of those European countries?