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I was asked by a number of people over the past week in the Live Trading Room the following:



Well fellow traders, here is your answer in plain and simple:

One of the rules of the DOW THEORY is that “a trend will remain intact until it gives a definite reversal”

This means that even if a trend is violated,  you’ll need to wait for that VIOLATION TO BE CONFIRMED before adjusting your trend lines

If you have a look at the above chart you will see that price violated the bull trend’s support line but the violation was only confirmed once price came back to test that violated trend line again

Remember the golden rule of supply and demand?

A support line is a demand line. These demand lines are  synonymous with bulls, but when such a demand/support line is violated then suddenly it becomes a supply line or resistance line

So, price comes back to find resistance at previously violated support and thereby creating a lower peak and also confirming the violation. Look at the example below:

This is a one hour chart of the Cable.  See how price violated the bear trend’s resistance line (supply) and then came back to confirm the violation by finding support at previous violated resistance (now demand)

Even though is great and text-book, please note that technical analysis is not an exact science and I have seen price move back into the violated channel on numerous occasions

Nevertheless, I am and will always be a firm believer of  the above and of course the Dow theory as a whole

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I hope this answered your questions!

Johan Kriek