The world wants to know where to buy a Jeremy Lin jerseys. This article breaks down the best online prices on New York Knicks Linsanity gear, ensuring that you're wearing the most Linsanely fly gear of all at the next Knicks game, but spending the least to get the look.

The actual jersey and shorts and warm-ups Jeremy Lin wore during his debut game at Madison Square Garden earlier this month just sold on eBay for $40,000. We'll show you how to do way better than that and still look just as cool.

Here's a list of the best places to buy Jeremy Lin jerseys online and other Linsanity gear:

1. This site seems to have the best price on Jeremy Lin jerseys in adult sizes. At just $53.99 for the classic New York Knicks #17 jersey, you can't beat the prices at The jersey, made by Adidas, is a replica of the one the star point guard wears at away games. Dark blue with orange highlights, the away jersey is the one you want to really show your love for the Knicks and Linsanity. The site also has the white home jerseys for just $59.99, which is the going rate on most other sites. These jerseys qualify for $4.99 shipping, so for under $60 you can be rockin' the Lin jersey before anyone else on the court.

2. The cheapest Jeremy Lin jerseys that can be found anywhere online are located at this Web site. But you have to be willing to be a little flexible if you want to save the most money, as these only comes in extra-large and are the green alternate color the Knicks wear on St. Patrick's Day each year. But at the Linsane price of just $29.99, they may be the best bet for the cash-strapped New York Knicks fan.

3. The Sports Authority is the place you want to head to for youth Jeremy Lin jerseys. Though its adult jerseys are not the cheapest, it has youth-sized Adidas replica jerseys in the classic royal blue for only $39.99 a pop. That makes the Sports Authority one of the cheapest places online to deck your kid out in Linsanity gear.

4. For the fan who really wants to show his or her Jeremy Lin love, eBay seems to be the best place to get the real throwback jersey. That would be the Golden State Warriors #7 jersey he rocked last year with the Golden State Warriors. Doesn't matter how many Knicks games you go to, you'll be the only fan in one of these puppies, showing your long-held love for the Linsanity. But it'll cost you, these jerseys are currently selling for as much as $199.99. The cheapest price we could find for one of these Golden State gems was $135.99 at this eBay link.

 5. If you simply aren't willing to shell out much cash, but you really want to show your Jeremy Lin pride, Amazon may be your best bet. Though $20 bucks or so won't get you a jersey, you can have your pick of a whole range of Jeremy Lin shirts for as little as $9.99 on Amazon. With classic looks and comedic varieties with slogans like Linning and Lin Long and Prosper, these shirts are sure to be a hit the next time you watch the game with your friends.