Friday marks the 104th anniversary of the RMS Titanic sinking in the North Atlantic Ocean. The luxury ship hit an iceberg early in the morning of April 15, 1912, while on its maiden voyage from the United Kingdom to the United States. More than 1,500 people lost their lives.

Before its tragic fate, Titanic was said to be the world’s largest luxury liner and was thought to be “unsinkable.” The vessel began its journey on April 10, 1912; but four days into the trip, tragedy struck when it hit an iceberg that tore a 300-foot gash in its hull. The collision caused the Titanic to break apart and eventually sink with many of its passengers still aboard.

Even though it’s been over a century since that horrific day, the Titanic’s story continues to mesmerize people. It eventually led to a 1997 movie starring Leonardo DiCaprio as passenger Jack Dawson and Kate Winslet as his lover, Rose DeWitt Bukater. Several other documentaries and TV specials have also been made to document what happened on the ship.

In honor of Titanic’s anniversary, check out where you can watch different documentaries and other specials below.


Netflix subscribers can watch two different specials about the Titanic on the popular streaming service. “Titanic: IMAX” takes viewers on a 1995 expedition to the wreck site with survivor Eva Hart as narrator. Before her death in February 1996, Hart spoke out many times about her experience on the Titanic.

The site is also streaming a 2012 documentary called “Titanic’s Final Mystery,” which promises to present viewers with scientific evidence that will change “the way you look at the Titanic’s tragedy.”


For those who have a Hulu subscription, the streaming site has a documentary called “Saving the Titanic” that tells the stories of engineers, stokers and firemen aboard the ship and how they tried to rescue those around them. Viewers can also stream the 2012 ABC show “Titanic: The Miniseries.” The five-episode show tells what happened on that fateful day from different points of view.


Amazon Prime is also streaming a Titanic-related special.  Instead of focusing on the passengers, “Children on the Titanic” is a 2014 musical docudrama that tells the stories of the young kids who were able to survive the tragedy.  

While Amazon Prime doesn’t offer subscribers the option to watch the 1997 “Titanic” movie for free, viewers can rent it online for 48 hours for $3.99 or buy a digital copy for $14.99.