Peyton Manning has been a free agent for less than 24 hours, and reports say he's already been contacted by 12 teams about playing for them next season.

The quarterback will be one of the most sought after players in the history of the NFL.

Who has the best chance of signing Manning?

Let's rank all 32 teams  to see where Manning might play in 2012.

32) Indianapolis Colts

Wednesday's press conference ended any chance of Manning playing for the Colts in 2012.

31) Green Bay Packers

Aaron Rodgers had one of the greatest quarterback seasons of all time last year. He's not going anywhere.

30) New York Giants

If Manning replaced his brother Eli, it would be one of the biggest stories the NFL has ever seen. Too bad there's no shot of it happening.

29) New England Patriots

Two words-Tom Brady.

28) Carolina Panthers

Cam Newton broke all kinds of rookie records in 2011. The Panthers will look to build around him for years to come.

27) New Orleans Saints

The only reason why the Saints aren't number 30 on this list is because Drew Brees doesn't have a long-term contract.

26) Pittsburgh Steelers

The Steelers aren't replacing a quarterback who's been to three Super Bowls in eight seasons.

25) Detroit Lions

Matt Stafford proved last year that he has the tools to be one of the most prolific passers in the NFL for years to come.

24) San Diego Chargers

Despite a down year in 2011, Rivers is still one of the best quarterbacks in the game.

23) Chicago Bears

The Bears learned just how valuable Jay Cutler is last season when he went down with a season-ending injury.

22) Atlanta Falcons

All Matt Ryan has done is win games since entering the league, and he's still just 26 years old.

21) Dallas Cowboys

Even though he's often criticized, Tony Romo is consistently one of the best at the position in the NFL. Dallas would be crazy to give up on him.

20) St. Louis

The Rams have invested so much money in Sam Bradford that they won't give up on him after just two seasons.

19) Cincinnati Bengals

After taking the Bengals to the playoffs in his first year, Andy Dalton isn't being replaced by an aging veteran.

18) Oakland Raiders

The Raiders gave up a lot to trade for Carson Palmer last year. They're going to give him a chance to be the man in Oakland.

17) Philadelphia Eagles

The Eagles have a lot invested in Michael Vick. Philly will want to see what the Dream Team can do after playing together for a year.

16) Minnesota Vikings

The Vikings liked what they saw out of Christian Ponder last season, but they'd be remiss is they didn't at least inquire about Manning. However, it's doubtful he would join a team that won three games in 2011.

15) Baltimore Ravens

Some still aren't certain that Joe Flacco can be a championship-winning quarterback, but his performance in the AFC Championship game definitely proved a lot to the Ravens.

14) Buffalo Bills

The Bills probably regret giving Ryan Fitzpatrick a contract extension in the middle of last season. Either way, Manning's not going to finish his career in Buffalo.

13) Tampa Buccaneers

Josh Freeman didn't show much last year, and Tampa Bay could certainly use Manning. But if Manning decides to play in Florida, it won't be for the Buccaneers.

12) Jacksonville Jaguars

Ditto for the Jaguars.

11) Cleveland Browns

Colt McCoy doesn't look like Cleveland's quarterback of the future, but the Browns will probably look to upgrade that position through the draft.

10) Houston Texans

Matt Schaub is a good quarterback when healthy, but he hasn't been a proven commodity like Manning. Houston has the pieces in place, so that Manning would instantly make them a Super Bowl contender. In the end, expect the Texans to stick it out with Schaub.

9) Denver Broncos

The Broncos have already contacted Manning to gauge interest. John Elway isn't in love with Tim Tebow, and Denver made it to the playoffs with the worst throwing quarterback in the league. It's a longshot, but not unfathomable that Manning could replace Tebow.

8) Tennessee Titans

Manning would almost certainly consider making a return to the place where he played his college ball. The biggest question is whether or not the Titans would bring in the veteran to play over Jake Locker, who they drafted a year ago.

7) Seattle Seahawks

The Seahawks are another mediocre team that is a quarterback away from being a real threat. They'll probably give Manning whatever he wants, so it's a definite possibility.

6) San Francisco 49ers

The 49ers are a perfect situation for Manning. They had the best defense in 2011 and signing a healthy Manning could make them the favorites to win the Super Bowl. Jim Harbaugh has supported Alex Smith since becoming the head coach, and hopes to sign him to a longer contract. If San Francisco decides that Smith isn't a long-term solution, there's a good chance Manning ends up in the Bay Area.

5) Kansas City Chiefs

The Chiefs would have no problem replacing Matt Cassel and they have some good players to surround Manning with. Kansas City also plays in a very winnable division in which they would become the favorites if they were to sign Manning.

4) Arizona Cardinals

If the Cardinals release Kevin Kolb, they'd have plenty of cap room to sign Manning and bring in other players to help improve the team. They also play in a warm weather city, which is probably attractive to the quarterback. Some have even said Arizona is the favorite to land the future Hall of Famer.

3) New York Jets

The Jets may be the most interesting of all the possibilities. New York has refused to deny interest in Manning, despite having Mark Sanchez under contract for a few more years. It remains to be seen whether or not Manning would want to play for Rex Ryan. But the Jets may have the best current roster of all the teams that are definitely interested in bringing in Manning.

2) Washington Redskins

If Manning wants to get paid, this is where he'll end up. Daniel Snyder isn't shy at throwing big money at free agents. Washington has an established coach in Mike Shanahan, which could be attractive to the quarterback. If any team is all in on the Manning sweepstakes, it's Washington.

1) Miami Dolphins

The Dolphins are the ideal destination for Manning--a warm weather city and a team that's on the brink of taking the next step to becoming a legitimate contender in the NFL. Manning also has a home in Miami. The Dolphins need a quarterback, and Manning is the perfect candidate to fill that role.