Xur and his exotic items have returned to "Destiny" just in time for the weekend. The shadowy merchant has replenished his stock with  a few items that may be worth their weight in Strange Coin. As is Xur's wont, the shopkeeper's hours run from 5 a.m. Friday to 5 a.m. Sunday. 

Xur can be found in the Tower toward the left. For the last few weeks, the offerings from Xur have been a bit lacking. After a good start to the year with a few weapons on sale, the merchant was back selling only armor in back-to-back weeks. This week, it seems Xur has been listening to his unhappy customers and has a rocket launcher for sale.

Xur Exotic Items For Sale

  • Gauntlets: Ruin Wings (Titan)
  • Helmet: Mask of the Third Man (Hunter)
  • Helmet: Light Beyond Nemesis (Warlock)
  • Weapon: Truth (Rocket Launcher)
  • Legacy Heavy Weapon Engram
  • Glass Needles
  • Three of Coins

Xur has a bit of everything for players, regardless of play style or character class.  The Truth rocket launcher is equipped with void damage, larger blast radius and early rocket detonation. The weapon includes the Prototype Trueseeker perk for aggressive targeting of players.

After the themed Crimson Days event, there's not much happening in the world of "Destiny." Bungie acknowledged as much in their weekly update, but did say they were working on new challenges for players. Bungie unveiled its plan for weekly Twitch broadcasts that will include conversations with the people who make "Destiny" happen. March 2 features senior artist Andrew Hopps and senior designer Brian Frank discussing how they build different locations such as Oryx's fortress.

"Updates to the Content Roadmap we laid out a few weeks ago are also on the way. We’ll have more to say about that bespoke 'update slated for spring,'" Bungie wrote. The spring update includes new gear, new experiences and a Light increase. Activision recently announced a large "Destiny" expansion for 2016 followed by a sequel in 2017.