For the East Coast, Winter Storm Jonas was a great excuse to see what Xur had in stock in "Destiny" last weekend. The clandestine Agent of the Nine had a decent assortment of exotic items, but it was pretty conservative for the merchant. Luckily, this weekend means a new assortment of goods. Xur opened shop Friday at 5 a.m. EST, but act fast since he's gone at 5 a.m. EST Sunday.

Xur can be found in the Tower on the right-hand side by the lounge. It's a bit of a jog down a few hallways and stairs, but the merchant can be found in the back corner. Last week, Xur was focused on providing armor for your Titan, Hunter or Warlock. Depending on your character or play style, The Ram helmet for the Warlock class or the Mk. 44 Stand Asides for a Titan may have been worth picking up. The lack of a weapon always dampens the mood for "Destiny" players, but this week there's a little something for everyone.

Xur Exotic Items For Sale

  • Helmet: Empyrean Bellicose (Titan)
  • Helmet: Skyburners Annex (Hunter)
  • Chest Armor: Alchemist's Rainment (Warlock)
  • Weapon: Thunderlord
  • Legacy Body Armor Engram
  • Glass Needles
  • Three of Coins

The Thunderlord is a fine weapon, but it may not be a must-have for many "Destiny" players. A new Iron Banner tournament is in full swing and Crimson Days beginning Feb. 9, but the biggest news in the "Destiny" universe is what's happening with Bungie. There was a report by Kotaku that "Destiny 2" was delayed. That news was followed by another story about the general sense of boredom surrounding the game after "The Taken King" expansion was released in Sept. 2015 by Eurogamer. On Wednesday, Bungie announced a new president following these reports. 

How will you be spending your strange coin this weekend?