While CNBC is saying Bon Voyage to QE II, YOUR central bank is happy it made YOUR currency weaker!

By @ibtimes on

BlogAs an investor, you should WANT your own home currency to be strong. A strong currency helps you to plan for a future without inflation, without a potential debasement of your money. Well, it looks like you are not going to get it. You see, the President of the St. Louis Federal Reserve said yesterday at a conference on Quantitative Easing that a desired weaker dollar has been achieved. His words, right from the St. Louis Fed's website:

In reality QE 2 worked. In particular, real interest rates declined, inflation expectations rose, the dollar depreciated, and equity prices rose, ....

I'm sorry Mr. Bullard, but if you are stating that QE 2 was a success as it weakened our dollar, I'm going to vote with my feet and invest in physical gold. I'm going to buy gold with those dollars as I look for a safe haven from your policies. Annual gold production can't rise fast enough to stem the tide of a policy that is happy with your currency becoming weaker. Before you see the gold coin cost rise further, call us at Lear Capital!

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