White Collar” Season 6, episode 6, is the end for Neal (Matt Bomer) and Peter (Tim DeKay). It’s the series finale, but the show can’t wrap up without a few heartwarming moments. In a new sneak peek video, Peter and Elizabeth (Tiffany Thiessen) share some exciting news. But Elizabeth isn’t quite as happy as she seems. The second sneak peek shows why she is worried about her husband.

Sneak Peek No. 1

Peter and Elizabeth have something important to tell Neal: They know the sex of their baby. They’re having a boy! Conveniently, Neal pulls out a blue baby bib.

“I read Peter’s body language when you told me you guys had an announcement,” Neal explains. “His voice got deeper, his shoulders straightened, he took a masculine stance.”

Peter sees right through Neal’s shtick and reaches into Neal’s pocket to find a pink bib. He was prepared for either announcement. Peter goes to make coffee and Elizabeth says she has to talk to Neal.

“You know, things are different now,” Elizabeth says. “I’m pregnant, and it’s not going to work without Peter. I know this gang is dangerous, and I’m scared. But I trust Peter and I trust you, to a point. And I’m asking you, actually no, I’m telling you that I need you to make sure he’s safe.”

“I swear to you that I will stop at nothing to keep him safe,” Neal says. “Peter, you, your son -- you’re my family.”

Watch the sneak peek video from the “White Collar” series finale below:

Sneak Peek No. 2

The boys are working for the gang that Elizabeth was concerned about, the Pink Panthers. They’re helping them with a heist, but they aren’t quite sure how they can accomplish this mission without getting killed. They’ll have 11 minutes to move millions of dollars, but they won’t be in communication with each other.

“We have to work in radio silence,” a gangster explains. “I will keep a one-way radio to use in dire situations, and you will find a way to get our tools into JFK tomorrow.”

Judging from the look on Peter’s face, he isn’t quite sure that he can get criminal activity through airport security. More importantly, it doesn't seem like he knows how he can take these criminals down.

Watch the sneak peek video from the “White Collar” series finale below via Spoiler TV

“White Collar” Season 6, episode 6, the series finale, will air Thursday, Dec. 18, at 9 p.m. EST. Do you think the show will finish with a happy ending? Sound off in the comments section below!