Four black men and one woman were shot dead in four different incidents within a radius of two kilometers in north of Tulsa Friday night.

Police said a lone white man in a pickup truck killed three pedestrians, who they say were all blacks.

We have not been able to find any commonality between the victims other than they were walking on the street, Tulsa Police Department's Sgt. Dave Walker said.

The FBI and local investigators are hunting for the killer and is probing the case with a possibility of hate crimes as it appears to be somewhat a racially motivated felony.

The whole race issue, the hate crime issue, there's a very logical theory that would say that's what it could be, Tulsa police Chief Chuck Jordan, who described the suspect as a Lone Wolf, said.

But I'm a police officer, I've got to go by the evidence, he said, adding that it was too early to interpret anything till the investigation was over.

We feel like he's targeting African Americans in this part of town. And I think some parts of law enforcement feel the same way, NAACP's Dr. Warren Blakney told ABC News.

Of five, four were shot around 1:00 am (local time) and the fifth victim, William Allen, 31, was found dead in the same side of the town around 8:00 am the next morning.

Henderson said that the suspect was allegedly asked for directions from people walking on the street around 1:00 am and abruptly shot one of them dead and fled away.

This is now a manhunt, we are working round the clock to bring this person to justice, Tulsa city councilor Jack Henderson said, ABC. NET has reported. People are fearful, they are afraid they can't walk down the street.

As long as that person is loose, then we're in danger, all of us are in danger, and I don't want any vigilante stuff to start happening. I don't want no race riot, I just want this person caught, Henderson said.