A man was attacked by two other men while riding the New York City subway for his overt support of Donald Trump Friday. The attack happened in the Bronx while Corey Cataldo was wearing a “Make American Great Again” hat, a campaign staple for the president-elect, local news outlet WABC-TV reported.

One of the attackers, a black man, noticed Cataldo's hat before approaching the 24-year-old and asked him if he was a Trump supporter. When Cataldo replied he was indeed a Trump supporter, the man proceeded to put his hands around his throat and began choking him. 

Cataldo told the NYPD that his attacker said, “Great, another white Trump supporter” before lunging at him, the New York Daily News reported

While trying to ward off the assailant, Cataldo told WABC-TV a second man joined in the skirmish and also started attacking him. It was not immediately clear what the race of the second assailant was.

"I try to fight him off, and another gentleman comes over, pretends like he's going to help me and says 'get off of him.' He shoves me up against the wall, up against the window," Cataldo said.
Cataldo, who is an electrician, said he owned “alot” of “Make American Great Again” hats and had oftentimes given them out to show his support for Trump.

"He asked me if I'm a Trump supporter. I said 'yeah' and thought he'd say 'me too.' People have been doing that," said Cataldo. "But no. This man was not a Trump supporter."

Cataldo said he reported the incident to the NYPD. There were no immediate reports of any related arrests. 

RTX261FG Trump campaign merchandise vendor David Dickson from Florida holds Trump campaign "Make America Great Again" hats dusted with falling snow outside a Trump campaign town hall event in Londonderry, New Hampshire Feb. 8, 2016. Photo: Reuters

There were more than 400 cases of hateful harassment or intimidation in the U.S. since Trump’s election, according to a Southern Poverty Law Center report Tuesday.

Thousands of people in big cities across the country have taken their anger and frustration to the streets for mostly peaceful protests. Roughly 11,000 people attended the largest anti-Trump protest in Los Angeles Saturday, according to LAPD estimates. About 4,000 protesters stormed downtown Portland, Oregon last Thursday, predominately chanting, “we reject the president-elect,” Politico reported.