In the last business week the Crude Oil set new trading record every day. Five days in the week with five new records. The crude oil jumped with $10 a week. This is an extraordinary week with so huge price jump. At this moment we can ask the following question: Who can stop the raising oil prices? At the same time Scott Brown energy expert in answer: No one, but there are many people and events that could push the oil for new records.

OPEC is almost at the top of the technology production capacity. There is oil but there is not technology to supply the oil in fast and cheaper method. The raising consummation from China and developing world making the production daily oil not enough. At the same time United States buy oil in huge volumes making new extra oil stores. We are close to the time when China will do the same and we are close to the time when the oil production would not be enough to supply the world economy. The describing scenario of Scott Brown is too black. The oil prices can jump to $200 much faster than our first forecast for the end of 2008. We can see the oil prices above $200 these summer’s months said Mr. Brown energy expert in