When “The X Factor” aired on Wednesday, there was a performer who Twitter couldn’t stop talking about: Colton Pack. The self-proclaimed up-and-coming country singer stepped on the stage to perform Jason Aldean’s “Hicktown,” and he was able to win over the judges.

“We were just chatting a little bit,” judge Paulina Rubino started. “We were feeling that you were peachy.” The audience gave a little giggle, before she added, “I like you baby. I like you and I love how you sing.

Demi Lovato wasn’t as sold as Rubino at first, and said that Pack, at times, was a little pitchy. But she went on to praise the singer from West Virginia: “There were moments when I thought you were really interesting and you have a natural stage presence.”

Destiny’s Child singer Kelly Rowland kept her comments short and sweet: “I think you have a very unique voice,” she said. “I dig you.”

Simon Cowell, who is typically a little bit harder to impress, seemed to take a liking to Pack the most. “I really, really, really like you,” the father-to-be told the singer. “I think the show would really benefit from an artist like you. I think people are really, really going to like you.” Cowell then touched on what Lovato said by tell Pack that he thinks he’ll keep getting better.

Pack was bombarded onstage with dozens of friends and family members after he found out that he had gotten “four fat yeses” from the judges and would continue to the next round of the competition.

Twitter also had a penchant for the country singer, and even helped make his name a trending topic on the social media site. Check his audition below: