[UPDATE: 2/5/2014, 3:07 p.m. EST]: DKC Public Relations emailed the following statement to IBTimes regarding the validity of the National Enquirer story:

"The playwright David Bar Katz, a close friend of the actor Philip Seymour Hoffman, said today that he intends to file a lawsuit this afternoon against 'The National Enquirer' for a libelous story stating, among other things, that he and Hoffman were lovers and that he had witnessed Hoffman using drugs the night before he died.  Said Katz: 'The Enquirer story is 100 percent false, including the claim that I gave the Enquirer an interview.'"


David Bar Katz, the man who found Philip Seymour Hoffman dead in his New York apartment Sunday morning from an apparent drug overdose, claimed he was the acclaimed actor’s gay lover and saw him freebase cocaine the night before he died.

Katz, the son of Harry Jay Katz, told the National Enquirer that he and 46-year-old Hoffman were gay lovers, though Katz is married and Hoffman had been with Mimi O'Donnell for 14 years.

“I was Philip Seymour Hoffman’s gay lover. We were homosexual lovers. We had a relationship…” he told the gossip magazine. “We were planning to go to the Super Bowl together and have a really nice day. This is so terrible.”

Celebrity Dirty Laundry reported that Katz, who is a playwright, and Hoffman were long known to be friends and were reportedly working on a project together. 

On his Facebook page, Katz posted a photo of Hoffman with the caption: "He is so beautiful.”

Katz also claims he “saw him freebasing cocaine the night before he died” and had seen him use heroin several times before. Freebasing cocaine means to heat the substance in order to make “pure cocaine,” which is then often smoked. The night before his death, sources have said, Hoffman made six withdrawals totaling $1,200 from a supermarket ATM.

“But I never thought his addiction had reached that level,” Katz told the Enquirer.

Hollywood Life reported that Katz made a contradictory statement following Hoffman's death, though: “I saw him last week, and he was clean and sober, his old self."

The Enquirer also claims that Hoffman’s drug problem and his sexuality led to the end of his relationship with Mimi O’Donnell, his girlfriend of 15 years and mother of their three children—Cooper, 10, Tallulah, 7 and Willa, 5. Katz has been married to Julie Merberg since 1998 and the couple have four children together.

“His drug use, and his ambivalence over whether he was straight or gay, drove a wedge between him and Mimi and broke them up,” an unnamed source told the Enquirer. “One part of him wanted a normal family life while another part wanted heroin and the gay life.”

Philip Seymour Hoffman was found dead inside his apartment Sunday morning of an apparent heroin overdose. Police said Hoffman was found with a needle in his left arm, and there were 70 baggies of heroin in his apartment.

On Tuesday night, police found four suspects that may have been the suppliers of the heroin that killed Hoffman. The suspects are Thomas Cushman, 48; Robert Vineberg, 57; Juliana Luchkiw, 22; and Max Rosenblum, 22, The New York Daily News reported.